'Duck Dynasty' Mossberg gun line ads: Phil Robertson says, 'We were designed to kill ducks'

Connecticut-based gun manufacturer Mossberg has paired with the "Duck Dynasty" clan, led by recently-suspended (and then reinstated) star Phil Robertson, to release a line of guns that features a semiautomatic pistol, two semiautomatic rifles and nine shotguns. The guns are inscribed with the motto "Faith. Family. Ducks."

Spokeswoman Linda Powell tells CNN Money that the company has begun shipping the guns to distributors, though she declined to name the specific retailers that will carry the gun line.

The line is being advertised via four commercials. The ads show the Robertson clan donning camouflage and traipsing through the woods, as the Phil Robertson voice-over says things like not letting the government infringe on your rights and, "We were designed to kill ducks" and "You know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake's head smooth off."

"Duck Dynasty" returns for Season 5 on Wednesday, Jan. 15, but Phil's suspension after his controversial remarks made to GQ occurred during a hiatus in the show's filming schedule, so the suspension will not affect any actual episodes.

Photo/Video credit: Mossberg