'Duck Dynasty' baby names gaining popularity in the US

Here's something that might be a little surprising. In the 2013 round up of baby names, "Duck Dynasty" is sitting pretty. According to Baby Center, several of the family members' names rose in popularity around the United States.

Willie Robertson, his brother Jase and wife Korie all saw their their first names rise in popularity. Likewise with Phil, Uncle Si (Silas) and grandchildren Mia, Sadie, Reed and John. Meanwhile, "Breaking Bad" inspired names were down across the board, unlike in the UK where Skylar and Jesse both saw upticks in popularity.

Another place the US and the UK disagree is in terms of royal names, though not in the way you might expect. While use of the name George dropped in the UK after Prince George was born, it's popularity rose in the US, as a name for both boys and girls.
Photo/Video credit: A&E