Ellen DeGeneres gives Oprah Winfrey a sequined portrait for her 60th birthday

What do you get for the birthday of the woman who has everything? Ellen DeGeneres decides the call for Oprah Winfrey's 60th birthday is a giant portrait of the media mogul made out of sequins.

Ellen cracks that shipping is going to cost a fortune, so she says, "Oprah, if you want it, you have to come to my show."

Ellen then stages a fake call to Oprah, using audio of Winfrey from various things to splice together Oprah's "birthday plans" -- "wizardry and sorcerers and magic, red velvet."

Oprah also "tells" Ellen what she got Ellen for her birthday, which is being celebrated Thursday (Jan. 30, though Ellen's actual birthday is Jan. 26): "An airline and new outfits and a hotel and Nicole Kidman."

Maybe one day Oprah will appear on Ellen's show.
Photo/Video credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.