Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has sexual abuse claims thrown out of court


Kevin Clash, the longtime voice of "Sesame Street" puppet Elmo, was handed a victory on Monday (July 1) in three lawsuits that alleged he had sexual relations with minors.

The allegations of sexual abuse arose in October of 2012, prompting Clash to resign from his post at the venerable children's TV institution. The puppeteer was sued several times, but a New York judge says the claims were filed too late and thus outside the statute of limitations.

Each of the three lawsuits cite incidents that occurred at least ten years ago, while the statute says that a lawsuit has to be filed within six years of the event or three years after a plaintiff turns 21.

U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ordered the clerk to enter his judgement, making all claims made by the three accusers time-barred, and close all pending motions against Clash.

Clash, noted to be "pleased" by his attorney, still faces one other pending lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images