ESPN's Dana Jacobson: 'I was molested as a child'

dana-jacobson-espn.jpgFormer ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson was inspired by the conclusion of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial to write candidly about her own experience as a victim of child molestation. Jacobson took to her blog on Monday to discuss her road to recovery.

"Like the young men who bravely took the stand in the Sandusky trial, I was molested as a child. That's still not easy for me to say, let alone write and share publicly, but if we've learned anything from the Sandusky scandal it's that the time for silence is over," she writes.

Jacobson, best known for anchoring "SportsCenter" and "Cold Pizza," left ESPN when her contract expired in April. Now, she's making the news for revealing that when she was young, her male babysitter sexually abused her twice. She didn't acknowledge the abuse until she was in her 20s.

"It was inappropriate touching, fondling of genitalia. It may not have been as frequent or severe as what I read about in the case of Sandusky's victims, but that doesn't make the abuse I suffered any less real or the shame I felt any less overwhelming," she writes, applauding Sandusky victim Travis Weaver for having the courage to speak out.

Read her full blog post here.
Photo/Video credit: ESPN