'Evil Dead' red-band trailer: Be very afraid of Jane Levy's gory NSFW makeout scene

Be warned: The new "Evil Dead" trailer is very not suitable for work and is filled with enough gore to give us nightmares for a week. Still with us? Okay then, let's continue.

If there's anything to be learned from the new "Evil Dead" trailer, it's that Jane Levy is going to be downright terrifying in this film. The first teaser gave us a taste of what we should expect -- the tongue scene! The tree rape! -- but little did we know that those scenes were PG compared to what director Fede Alvarez and producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have in store for us in "The Evil Dead" remake.

Yes, Raimi and Campbell, the director and star of the original "The Evil Dead." They are two of the driving forces behind this project, and also two of the first to say that this is what they wished they had been able to do with their cult classic. There's no humor in "Evil Dead," but rather a full-out scare fest that shows just what terrible things happen when you open up the Necronomicon.

"It's going to be a horror extravaganza, not in size, just in the intensity of the horror you will experience. This movie, it's going to blow the freaking doors off," Campbell told Machinima at New York Comic-Con. "Five new actors and a nasty book they should have let alone. The rest is cinematic history."

Starring Levi, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci and Jessica Lucas, "Evil Dead" comes out April 12. What do you think of the trailer?

Photo/Video credit: FilmDistrict