Exclusive: Jack Black to guest star on 'Community'

jackblack.jpgIt was exactly a year ago this week that the news of Jack Black's February 1st cameo on "The Office" broke and the web was abuzz with excitement over it. Well, apparently history is sort of repeating itself.

Sources tell Korbi TV about yet another scheduled Jack Black sitcom appearance, saying the "Tropic Thunder" actor has signed on to guest in a January episode of the Chevy Chase/ Joel McHale comedy " Community."

"Community" -- which follows a manipulative, young lawyer (McHale) whose is disbarred and forced to attend a local community college where he befriends a band of misfits -- has been gaining critical praise throughout the season.

It could, however, use a bit of a boost in ratings.

Thank you, Jack Black.

Black is not the only big name lending a hand. We're told another high profile film actor, best known for his comedy hits at the box office, will be making a cameo in the same episode. (Hint: He's previously co-starred in a project with Jack Black)

Any guesses as to who it is?  

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