Femme fatale Britney Spears tweets ab-tastic 'Twister Dance' video picture

twister-dance-britney-spears-hot-album-circus.jpgWhile we're sitting around waiting for femme fatale Britney Spears to officially close the deal to join "The X Factor" judges' table, she's keeping busy working on the video for the upcoming game, "Twister Dance." On Thursday (April 12), Britney tweeted a photo from the set.

"Couldn't be happier with the Twister Dance video shoot! It's gonna be so hot...," she tweets. We couldn't agree more since some serious abs and toned arms are undeniably on display in the un-retouched photo.

Brit Brit also alerted her followers to a few more pictures posted to the official Twister game Facebook page. In one, she appears to be reviewing the footage on a monitor and liking what she sees.

Twister Dance is an update of the classic Hasbro game. Spears is the game's official spokesperson.


Photo/Video credit: Twister Dance/Twitter