Audrina Patridge burglarized, wants your help to ID thieves

Audrinapatridgerobbed First, Nicky Hilton gets shoved by some random irate homeless dude and she makes a citizen's arrest.

Now Audrina Patridge's house gets robbed. And like a true reality TV star, she's posted the surveillence video on her blog and she's asking for our help finding the crooks!

OMG, this is so much better than any fictional TV cops and robbers show.

Celebrities on Patrol! Stars Fight Back!

With your help, "The Hills" star hopes to catch the two men who broke into her Hollywood Hills home Sunday night.

Luckily, surveillance cameras captured the incident. She's posted the video on her personal website.

Hey, is one of those guys Spencer Pratt? Nah ....

The whole experience has been rough on Audrina. It was Oscar night and all those parties and she got home to find out she'd been burgled. Or burglarized. Whatever.

Audrina asks anyone with information regarding the break-in -- or if they recognize the people in the video (It could be Spencer -- I'm sticking with my theory) to call (213) 972-2971.

According to KTLA, the Los Angeles Police Department confirms it got a burglary call from the home around 2 a.m. Monday and sent a car to check it out. No further information yet.

Do you have any theories on who broke into Audrina's house?

These reality TV stars sure do have exciting lives, don't they?

It's almost as if it's been scripted. Hmmmm ....

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