'Friday Night Lights' star Taylor Kitsch plays 'Battleship'

taylor-kitsch-fnl.jpgWe remember playing the MIlton Bradley game Battleship when we were kids, and we're pretty sure it didn't involve anyone who looked like Taylor Kitsch hanging around. Kitsch, who is currently filming "John Carter of Mars" in the title role, just became he first actor signed on to "Battleship," based on that old board game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"The Hurt Locker" star Jeremy Renner was also in the running for Kitsch's role, a "wildly spirited" naval commander named Alex Hopper. The film marks a reunion for Kitsch and "Friday Night Lights" executive producer Peter Berg.

In the movie, five battleships (just like in the game) are separated from the main fleet and forced to face an alien invasion on their own. Like "John Carter of Mars," it's expected to be released to theaters in 2012. Berg confirmed that at some point in the movie, a character will exclaim, "You sank my battleship!"


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Photo Credit: NBC