Fried Kool-Aid? You better believe it.

fried-kool-aid.jpgMaybe Harold Camping wasn't wrong about judgment day arriving sometime in 2011. Why are we suddenly converted? Because we have witnessed what is surely a sign of the apocalypse: fried Kool-Aid.

In the video below witness the creation of an abomination as "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian, the mad scientist of fried food, plops balls of pasty Kool-Aid mix into a deep fryer, then serves the little death blobs in groups of five at the San Diego, Calif., County Fair.

"It starts off tart and tangy, and then finishes really sweet... I love this stuff," one fair-goer tells Sign on San Diego.

The donut-hole sized blobs are a hit. Boghosian has already torn through 150 pounds of Kool-Aid powder and 1,500 pounds of flour.

No word on how many packages of Pepto Bismol sold in the county the same weekend.

Photo/Video credit: YouTube