#'Fringe,' #'Glee' reruns get Twitter treatment

leamichele_glee_290.jpgFOX will try to harness the power of Twitter to drum up interest in two of its shows with special "tweet-peats" later this week.

The network is hoping to coordinate a massive tweet-up for reruns of "Fringe" (9 p.m. ET Thursday) and "Glee" (9 p.m. Friday) by having cast members and producers of the two shows offer Twitter commentary during the episodes. Fans will be able to follow along online, and a scroll with tweets from the participants will run on the bottom of the screen during each episode.

The "Fringe" rerun scheduled for Thursday is the next-to-last episode from last season, in which Olivia (Anna Torv) starts having visions of things that aren't really there -- at least not in the moment she experiences them. "Glee" will re-air its pilot in advance of its debut on Wednesday, Sept. 9; "Fringe" begins its second season Thursday, Sept. 17.

Fans can follow along via the show's official feeds ( "Fringe" is here, and "Glee" is here) and can also follow the cast members and producers individually.

For "Fringe," the participants are Joshua Jackson ( @peterbishop2), John Noble ( @labdad1) and executive producers Jeff Pinkner ( @jpfringe) and J.H. Wyman ( @jwfringe). The "Glee" tweeters are Lea Michele ( @msleamichele), Kevin McHale ( @druiddude), Mark Salling ( @mark_salling), Cory Monteith ( @frankenteen), Amber Riley ( @msamberriley) and Chris Colfer ( @chriscolfer).

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