'Game of Thrones': Joseph Gatt talks shooting Season 4

Joseph Gatt will appear in "Game of Thrones" Season 4, but it's unclear exactly who he'll be playing. Speculation has it that he'll be the man to bring Styr the Magnar of Thenn to life, but HBO hasn't confirmed that casting, and Gatt isn't going to be the man to give the news away.

Zap2it spoke with Gatt on the white carpet for the "Star Trek Into Darkness" Blu-ray and Digital release party, and he was loathe to give away many details about his time on the "Game of Thrones" set.

"I was in Iceland for a week, and I had a fantastic time. Iceland is a beautiful country full of beautiful people," he says, gushing about how beautiful the sets are. "Everything you see, all of the exteriors, are all totally real. That's why the show looks so incredible. I mean, nothing is faked on that show. Some of the shots look like they're CGIed, and they just look incredible. Everything is real."

That was as much as Gatt was willing to talk about, though. When Zap2it asked him about the heavy costumes that cast members who shoot in Iceland are forced to wear, he answers, "You're asking me to give away information about my costume, and I cannot do that. You're going to have to wait until Season 4. ... It's going to be great."

Gatt was under similar pressure to keep quiet when he was filming "Star Trek Into Darkness," as no one was allowed to let it slip that Khan was the villain. He says shooting on top-secret projects is part of the fun for him.

"I'm kind of used to it. It seems like every job that I do is something I need to sign a million NDAs for and cannot say a single word about, so I'm kind of getting used to it," he says. "But it's really exciting. It's very stressful, but it's very exciting. I want to say everything to everybody, but I think the snipers are out there waiting to take me down if I open my mouth. But it's all good fun."

"Game of Thrones" returns to HBO with Season 4 in Spring 2014.

Photo/Video credit: Zap2it/Getty Images/Fantasy Flight Games