'Game of Thrones': King Joffrey's 10 most evil moments


It's no secret that King Joffrey is one of the most despised television characters around. That's why HBO put together an epic Roast of King Joffrey that calls "Game of Thrones" fans and stars to come together and bash, mock and just generally hate on the evil child king.

In honor of all that hilarity, here's a look back at some of the most horrible things Joffrey has done during his run on "Game of Thrones." If you needed any fuel for your raging against the little jerk, this should do the trick.

Warning: Some language, nudity and violence that is typical to "Game of Thrones" is included in the below videos, so watch at your own risk.

10. Not showing sympathy for Bran's fall

Right from the get-go, Joffrey showed he was a terrible human being. After Bran nearly died (from Joffrey's uncle/real father Jaime Lannister pushing him out a window, no less), Joffrey refused to give Catelyn and Ned Stark his condolences. At least that awful moment was mitigated by Tyrion smacking him hard multiple times across the face.

9. Running away from the Battle at Blackwater

While Joffrey is evil, he is also cowardly. He abandoned his post at the Battle of Blackwater when King's Landing was about to be lost and left his hated uncle Tyrion Lannister in charge. Tyrion stepped up, and Joffrey never managed to regain his standing in front of his men.

8. Cutting out Marillion's tongue

Marillion isn't the nicest person, but even he didn't deserve the fate Joffrey gave to him for performing a disrespectful song about King Robert. "Tell me, which do you favor: your fingers or your tongue?" Joffrey asks him before making the choice for him.

7. Considering making homosexuality a crime punishable by death

Joffrey's close-mindedness translated to his belief about homosexuality as well. Though his Uncle Renly was a "known ... degenerate," Joffrey considered making being gay a crime punishable by death. Hopefully Margaery can use her power over him to turn him away from that mindset.

6. Lying about Mycah

Another early sign of Joffrey's cruelty came when he lied to King Robert about how he lost his sword. Though it was actually because he threatened butcher's boy Mycah's life and Arya stood up to him, he blamed Mycah for coming after him (too embarrassed to admit a girl beat him up, of course), which led to Mycah's death.

5. Threatening to serve Robb's head to Sansa at her wedding

Putting aside Joffrey's excitement about the Red Wedding being a success (because ohmygyaaahhhh he is the worst), his comment about serving Robb's head to Sansa at his wedding feast -- and being completely serious about it -- makes him murder-worthy.

4. Forcing Sansa to look at Ned's decapitated head

What made the Robb's head comment even worse was the fact that Joffrey had already made Sansa look at the decapitated head of her father. Because there's no better way to court your bride-to-be than being the worst human being alive.

3. Ordering the murder of Robert Baratheon's bastards

After rumors about Joffrey being the bastard child of siblings Cersei and Jaime Lannister (which he is, for the record) began to circulate, he had all the bastard children of his "father" King Robert Baratheon -- who look nothing like him, and thus were proof he wasn't really Robert's son -- murdered brutally by his soldiers.

2. Torturing Littlefinger's prostitutes and murdering Ros

Tyrion figured that Joffrey could use a good round of sex for a birthday present, but what he didn't realize was how dark and twisted his nephew was. Instead of letting the prostitutes take his virginity, Joffrey made the two women beat each other mercilessly while he stared at them holding his crossbow. This clip still turns our stomach to this day, as does the later reveal that Joffrey trussed up Ros and shot her to death with his crossbow. At least Ros had the last laugh in the Roast of King Joffrey.

1. Ordering Ned's execution

After promising Sansa that Ned wouldn't die and being told by all his advisors not to kill the former Hand of the King, Joffrey did it anyway. This awful and traumatizing act firmly solidified his title as the most hated man on "Game of Thrones" -- and most despised TV character on the Internet.

Photo/Video credit: HBO