'G.C.B.'s' Jennifer Aspen: 'We could really see these women, it is for real'

jennifer-aspen-gcb.jpg Jennifer Aspen is one of the stars of ABC's newest primetime show "G.C.B." She plays Sharon Peacham, a woman who has yo-yo'd with her weight her whole life and who is none too pleased to see Amanda Vaughn ( Leslie Bibb) back in town, as Sharon's husband might be carrying a bit of a torch for Amanda.

"I was super hot in high school," Aspen tells Zap2it, of her character Sharon. "I was a cheerleader and [husband Zach] was a star football player. He was drafted by the cowboys and then an injury sidelined him. Sharon's never worked a day in her life, which comes into play as the rest of the series goes on."

Another thing that comes into play is a bit of a misunderstanding in the pilot involving Zach and Amanda.

"This whole thing with Amanda, the fact is that this skank kissed my husband," laughs Aspen, which is certainly how her character views things. "It causes a lot of change and upset in our marriage dynamic. Sharon has to really look at where she is and what she wants from life and if she's happy with who she is."

Part of Sharon's examination of her life will play out over the entire first season, as her weight fluctuates. For Aspen, that was a particular challenge because her character is constantly eating on screen.

"It's very difficult because I don't eat wheat or sugar, so they have to makes pecial food for me," says Aspen. "The candy bar I eat in the pilot, they had that made for me, to look like a chocolate bar. Which ... they weren't great. It's harder on the props department because they've got to get really clever with what I can eat."

But something she doesn't have to worry about are the fashions.

"The fashions are a girl's dream come true. When I walked into my first fitting, it was full of things you always wanted to wear," says Aspen. "I think my favorite piece in the pilot is this Temperley dress when I bring that giant welcome basket to Amanda's house. I felt like a piece of confection. Sharon's outfits were always delicious, like a treat, something you'd want to eat. She's all about the pageantry."

Aspen also tells us that they filmed the entire pilot in Dallas and the actresses got to see first hand just what the women are like who they are portraying on screen.

"I jsut dove in. I loved it. I went to church, I went to the Neiman Marcus," says Aspen. "We could really see these women, it is for real. They are dressed to the nines. Neiman Marcus has a DJ and sparkling Perrier being passed around on trays."

"G.C.B." premieres Sunday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC