'Ghost' TV series being developed by Paramount TV


"Ghost" -- yes, the 1990 film starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze -- is getting a TV series adaptation. You read that right: yet another old classic is being dug up and repackaged to try to take advantage of its famous name.

Deadline reports that Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner will co-write a pilot based on the movie. Assumedly the series will start from scratch with the same characters, because the movie's synopsis -- a ghost and a psychic team up to avenge his murder and reconnect him with his fiancée -- does sound like a good TV show premise.

Pinkner is best known for his work on "Fringe," "Lost" and "Alias," while Goldsman is a well known producer responsible for flicks like 'I Am Legend," "Hancock," the "Paranormal Activity" sequels and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," as well as "Fringe." While their experience on "Fringe" should give viewers a hint of the type of show they'll create with "Ghost," the question of why they don't just create a new TV series with a similar premise is still raised.

Deadline says that this resurrection of "Ghost" "marks the first project to come out of Paramount's re-launched television division and signals its plans to mine the studio's movie library and team with experienced film and TV writers for series adaptations." Paramount should get in line, because there are plenty of other unnecessarily rebooted TV series and movies floating around in our current television landscape. It's worth noting that a pilot being written is not a sure promise of a TV show being made, so this "Ghost" series may never see the light of day. So there is still hope; maybe some new, original ideas will populate upcoming television seasons in addition to the many, many rehashed projects in development.

Photo/Video credit: Paramount Pictures