'Glee': Jane Lynch named her dog after Olivia Newton-John


Did you know Sue Sylvester wasn't a part of the original "Glee" pilot?

As Jane Lynch explains in the clip below, Sue was a last-minute addition, masterminded by the show's executive producer, Ian Brennan (whom Lynch says actually is Sue Sylvester deep down inside). 

So what will Brennan's creation be up to in the second half of "Glee"'s first season when the show returns in April? 

Lynch says, "Sue Sylvester will be singing 'Let's Get Physical' with Olivia Newton-John," the woman whom she -- fact -- named her dog after.

That's right, Jane Lynch's doggie is named after ONJ. 

Watch the video to see Lynch talk about her love of Olivia, how pumped she is to "chillax" with the "Grease" girl on set and all the work that show creator Ryan Murphy put into wooing her.

Oh, JL's also dropping the names of a couple celeb friends, one of whom she hopes to see guest starring on "Glee" at some point soon...  

I mean, how cute is Jane Lynch?

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