'Glee': Mark Salling says Quinn is staying at Puck's place now

Now that everyone in the "Glee" world knows that Puck is Quinn's baby daddy -- and her parents continue to suck -- we do hope she'll be moving out of young Finn's place and taking up residence with him. 

And it sounds like we'll be getting our way.

"I think she's staying with Puck right now," Mark Salling told Korbi TV at The Paley Festival this past weekend. 

As you'll see in the clip below, Salling seems to be pleased with this development for his character. So does that mean he thinks Puck and Quinn should keep the baby and raise it together?

"Yeah, I think that would be cute," Salling says. "[Give him] a baby mohawk. Yeah, absolutely. I hope he steps up. I mean, he's only 16, which is really young. I'm 32... Botox."

"Glee" returns with all-new episodes April 13th on FOX

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