'Glee's' Sue Sylvester: 'I consider gayness a pre-existing condition'

glee-jane-lynch-loser.jpgOnly three weeks until " Glee" returns with a new episode! If our spoilers haven't satisfied your inner Gleek, check out the latest from Sue Sylvester (the always brilliant Jane Lynch) as she tackles one of her pet peeves: sneaky gays. No, seriously.

She's got a bone to pick with one of "Glee"s upcoming guest stars.

" Neil Patrick Harris, you confuse me," she says."I hear you're gay, but there you are on my TV playing a normal, womanizing, cardigan-wearing straight. And then I heard a rumor you're not actually a doctor. So much sneaky gay deception!"

You don't want to miss Sue Sylvester's advice for Adam Lambert on how to be less subtle, either. We love it!

Don't forget to check back in with Zap2it on Monday for more sage wisdom from our favorite champ cheerleading coach.

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