'God' receipt waitress fired from Applebee's for embarrassing pastor

god-receipt-waitress-fired-from-applebees-for-embarassing-pastor-reddit.jpgThis just goes to show, you really do have to be careful about what you post online. Even if you are pointing out how awful someone was. An Applebee's waitress is learning that the hard way after posting a photo of a receipt to Reddit. What's the harm in that, you wonder? According to the Consumerist, this receipt had a fairly snotty note left on it by, of all people, a pastor.

Instead of leaving the required 18% tip, as it was a party of 20, the pastor wrote "I give God 10% Why should you get 18?" The rude customer then scribbled out the required tip, and wrote in a big "0," before identifying themselves as a pastor and signing their name. That's a bold move, using God as an out when you don't want to cough up a tip.

The waitress who was given the receipt showed it to a coworker, Chelsea, who snapped the photograph. When she got home, Chelsea posted it to the "Atheism" forum on Reddit, and titled it, "My mistake sir, I'm sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries." The post gained popularity almost immediately, amassing over 4,000 comments.

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Users of the site flooded Chelsea with messages to try to determine who the pastor was, but she didn't give up any identifying information. She just meant it as a light-hearted joke she thought others would laugh at.

One person who wasn't laughing was the pastor, who returned to Applebee's the next day and demanded, for some reason, that everyone who works in the restaurant, servers through management, be fired.

While the entire restaurant wasn't cleaned out, Chelsea did lose her job. The pastor, Alois Bell, speaking with the Smoking Gun, says she is heartbroken over the incident, saying, "I've brought embarrassment to my church and ministry." No explanation is given as to why Bell embarrassing her church should cost someone else their job.

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While she says the note on the receipt is a lapse in judgement, she left six dollars cash as a tip on the table, in addition to the 18% automatically charged to her card. Chelsea says that's not the point, though. "Whether or not she left a tip, the note was still offensive."
Photo/Video credit: Reddit