'Gossip Girl': Jenny's not done playing in Damien's dangerous world

gossip-girl-damien-jenny.jpg"Gossip Girl's" eyeliner-loving Little J is about to make the transition from Mean Girl to Bad Girl.

When we left off with Jenny's love life (well, sort of), she had spent the day with high-rolling diplomat/drug dealer Damien (wow, that's a lot of D's). She ends up accompanying him to a club for a drug deal, but it's Chuck Bass to the rescue ... who drags Jenny out of the club and throws Damien and his father out of the Bass hotel.

Of course Jenny, who is apparently bored (or just dumb?), decides to text Damien saying she had fun and that they should do it again.

Oh, Little J.

So when "GG" picks back up next week, expect lil' miss trouble magnet to go back to the dark side. Apparently Jenny's not done with dabbling in Damien's oh-so-dangerous world.

Tune in to The CW on Monday, Mar. 8 when "Gossip Girl" ends its three-month hiatus and returns us to the scandalous lives of the Manhattan's elite.

For a sneak peak at Jenny and Damien reuniting, watch this "GG" trailer below:

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Photo credits: The CW