'Gossip Girl': Rufus & Lily's long lost son is coming to the Upper East Side

Chrisriggi Meet Dan and Serena's half brother (aka the bastard child of Rufus and Lily), people.

His adoptive parents' plan to pretend he'd passed away? It's apparently fallen apart. Word is, the character will show up in "Gossip Girl"'s May 18th season finale.

And, according to E! Online, actor Chris Riggi has been cast to play the part.

He looks like Rufus, no? More so than Dan (Penn Badgley) does, anyway... 

Actually, now that I think about it, Badgley kind of resembles Lily. He would've made a super Lily/Rufus love child...

Anyhoo, think Riggi resembles Dan and/or Serena? Or Eric? Or Jenny?


Why do I have a feeling this kid's going to come in and create a lot of heartache and drama on the Upper East Side?

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