Grammer divorce settled: Kelsey and Camille come to terms after two years

grammer-divorce-kelsey-grammer-camille-grammer-gi.jpgAfter a long and bitter fight, Kelsey Grammar and Camille Grammar have reached a divorce settlement. TMZ reports the pair have finally come to terms over money and custody after a two-year battle.

The pair had a lot on the line, with a reported $60 million in assets. Their most recent battle had Camille throwing a fit over Kelsey wanting to move back in to their Beverly Hills house with his new wife and baby. Under the terms of the new agreement, the house will be put on the market for $16 million.

No word yet on the custody arrangements, but Kelsey has made waves recently by taking his newborn baby to a Playboy mansion party, and failing to strap her into a car seat at the airport.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images