Grammys 2014: Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' brings to mind Spinal Tap and Tim Burton

katy-perry-dark-horse-grammys-2014.jpg Katy Perry performed her single "Dark Horse" at the 56th Grammy Awards, and she brought an actual (prop) dark horse with her to the stage.

That was the least of the over-the-top elements on the stage during Perry's performance. The stage resembled something out of a Tim Burton-meets-Snow White fever dream, and Perry stalked the stage wearing a light-up breastplate that looked like a concept design for Spider-Woman.

Most striking, though, was the fact that Perry opened the song encased in a bubble that eventually rose up and out of the way. Fortunately for her, she did not have a "Spinal Tap" moment:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, TCM