'Greek' returns with Janeane Garofalo, Jesse McCartney & a straight character changing teams!

Spencergrammer It may be the end of March in your world and mine, but in the CRUniverse, it's the end of summer and school is almost back in session. Casey's Washington internship has run its course, Rusty's camp counseling days have drawn to a close and the Cartwright kids are heading back to campus tonight.

In preparation for "Greek"'s return, I spent some time with show creator and lover of pop culture, Mr. Sean Smith, who gave me the inside word on what's going down in this next cycle of episodes. It is because of him that I can answer some of your reader questions right this minute...

Janeanegarofalo Korbi, Is it true that Janeane Garofalo is doing an episode of "Greek"? -Kathleen
It is. "Greek" is taking us into the classroom at Cyprus Roades this semester and it is there that we'll find Ms. Garofalo. Playing a Women Studies professor, she crosses paths with Casey, who may be looking to develop more of a feminist perspective... and Cappie, who is definitely just looking to develop more female relationships. "It's his intention of course to go in and study the women as opposed to partaking of Women Studies," Sean Smith laughed. "[Janeane] is just hysterical and she calls him out the second she sees him. Something to the effect of, every semester there's some guy who comes into this class and he fails academically and otherwise. Good luck!"

Jessemccartney Any chance of Jen K. coming back? -Brian
I don't think so. Sean said the ghost of Jen K. is behind Rusty. "Greek" will introduce a new transfer student for Rusty to pursue. He meets her in art history class and she presents him with quite a challenge. It's love at first site for our little guy. But she's got her eye on someone else. Watch the clip below to find out who... yes, it's CRU's freshman football recruit Andy, played by Jesse McCartney.

How many "Greek" episodes are we getting this season? -Pat
12. We'll be halfway through the first semester of Casey's senior year/Rusty's sophomore year when this cycle ends.

Scottmichaelfoster When will Cappie and Casey get back together? -Julianna
TBD, my friend. TBD. That's what Sean told me when I asked him if we could see Cap and Case reunited romantically long before the series ends. For now, Casey and Max are still very much in love. But declining his Cal Tech grant to be with her may not have been the best idea. There are bad days ahead for them and Cappie will be the guy she turns to for advice. "They kind of become each other's go-to people," Sean explained. "I felt it was necessary to push their relationship a little more, which we do in this cycle. There's definitely advancement."

Jakemcdorman Do you think it would be possible for Evan and Cappie to ever call a truce of sorts? Or has there just been too much animosity built up over the years for them to just forgive and forget? -Blake
Actually, Casey isn't the only person turning to Cap for help. When Evan's brother Patrick (Robert Hoffman) shows up at CRU this season, he puts Ev in a position where he really needs someone to talk to. Of course, longtime fans know that he and Cappie have a history, so Cap kind of understands what Evan is dealing with better than any of the other kids do. "I think there's a thaw [between them]," Sean said. "You know, I love their rapport and the cattiness of it. I don't want to see them become like best buds, because then it'd just be boring. But there's less contentiousness between them. It's not quite as antagonistic as it was before."

Dilshadvadsaria I want Cappie and Rebecca on "Greek" to get back together. -P
Don't think that's in the cards, but they will remain friends... even though one of them is going to steal a potential love interest from the other. Mhmm.

I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of Tegan. Any word on Charisma Carpenter returning to "Greek"? -Rachel
We won't see Charisma in this batch of episodes, but that doesn't mean she's done with the show. There's always next cycle. We will, however, meet a few other ZBZ alums, including Frannie's big sis who comes back to CRU for her wedding -- Sean said she's hysterical -- and another former sister who will catch the eye of two of "Greek"'s main characters... the two I was just talking about.

Alanruck Any good "Greek" guest stars coming up? -Jessica
Besides Janeane Garofalo? Helen Slater (aka Supergirl) is playing a visiting professor and Dean Bowman (aka Cameron Frye, aka Alan Ruck) will pop up in the most surprising of ways. P.S. Ashleigh apparently has a crush on him.

Will Calvin get together with someone new this season on "Greek"? -Mamie
Indeed. And so will Ashleigh. And so will Dale!

Clarkduke I'm not a fan of Max, but I did enjoy how Cappie and Dale bonded over his lameness. Are we gonna see more Cap n' Dale this season? -Tish
Apparently Cap and Dale are much closer than we've ever realized...