'Green Hornet' gets 3D and MLK weekend treatment

the-green-hornet.jpgThe cynicism of most film "fans" is positively breathtaking these days. More and more often, we feel like a freak for not being instantly knee-jerk snarky and dismissive.

Case in point: "The Green Hornet."  The news just broke that Sony is moving the film from December 22nd, 2010 to January 14, 2011. The reasoning behind the move is that Sony Imageworks is building out the film's various Kato-vision fight sequences in 3D, something they're doing from scratch.

Keep in mind, this film is still nine months away from release, so this is absolutely not the same situation that recently played out with Warner's "Clash of he Titans," which was totally finished when the studio made their choice to release it in 3D, requiring a major last-minute post-production process.

Visually, nothing about the "Clash" post-production process worked right, and why would it?  Nothing about the sequence was designed to be in 3D or rendered that way, and the result was at best annoying and at worse headache-inducing. "Clash" was an embarrassment.

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