Haley Reinhart wants you to 'Listen Up': Details on the 'American Idol' vet's new album

haley-reinhart-gi.jpgJust because Haley Reinhart didn't make it to the finals on "American Idol" last year doesn't mean we've heard the last of the girl with the big hair and even bigger voice -- in fact, the third-place finisher is finally back in the spotlight as she readies the release of her debut album, "Listen Up!"

"It's pretty much dunzo," Reinhart says of the new album. "I co-wrote everything other than the single 'Free,' actually. That was the first tune that I heard while I was touring and I thought it was amazing and wanted to record it. We kept the recording we did while on tour."

Reinhart tells Zap2it that she's had a crazy year trying to put together the album. "I have had an amazing time and the process of working with producers and co-writers it was all very fast. It was like speed dating, but we got it done. It was an exhausting process, but then again, what isn't? The past two years... But it's been well worth every single blood sweat and tear because I am proud and it is something that defines me."

Reinhart says the recording process has been quite therapeutic, actually. "Just lay on a chair and ask me questions, and I will pour my heart out," she jokes.

"I did like 30 songs in two and a half months. I just kept busting them out, so the more we did the more I knew which direction I wanted to go. ... A lot of stuff is mid-tempo so it has a good groove to work. I also pictured doing this stuff live on stage and I know I will have a lot of fun with it."

The singer says she will likely hit the road in support of "Listen Up" in June. First, though, she's performing lead single "Free" on "90210" gang on Tuesday, March 27. "Listen Up!" comes out May 22.
Photo/Video credit: FOX