Hanna Hall from 'Forrest Gump': Where is Young Jenny now?

forrest-gump-hanna-hall-then-now.jpgWe love a good then-and-now! The Yo Show sought out Hanna Hall, who played Young Jenny in "Forrest Gump" -- to find out what she's been up to in the nearly two decades since the film came out. Hanna, of course, made the "Run, Forrest! Run!" line famous.

She says it's rare that people recognize her from the movie, but when they do, they always ask her to say the line. "It'll happen for a week, and then no one will say anything for a year. I just look a certain way that week that reminds them," she says. "Mostly people just think I look familiar so it's like oh did I go to high school with you, or...?"

Though she's appeared in films like "The Virgin Suicides" and Rob Zombie's "Halloween" since then, Hanna isn't currently acting. This week, she's directing the play "Astral Dick" at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA. She describes it as a "psychedelic absurdist comedy noir."

We didn't know "absurdist" was a thing.

Photo/Video credit: Yahoo