Hannah Storm reveals burn photos and frightening explosion details

ESPN host Hannah Storm went missing from the airwaves after suffering serious burns to her face, neck, and hand during an accident with a propane BBQ grill.

After undergoing an extensive makeup application and donning fake hair, Hannah was able to return to television to host the Rose Parade for ABC. From her position on the parade route, Hannah did a talk-back with ABC News and revealed what took place during the horrifying moments following that gas grill explosion.

She also shared some revealing photos of the damage she suffered at the hand of the flames.

Hannah was noticeably choking back tears as she described ripping off her burning blouse, and yelling to her daughter, "Mommy's on fire! Call 911!"

Storm says she re-lit the flame in the BBQ grill outside her home, but the propane had not fully cleared form the last fire, causing an explosion so forceful it blew the doors off the grill. "There were red flame marks up my neck," Hannah says. "I was very disfigured -- without hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. It was a sight to behold, let me tell ya."

She credits her hair and makeup team with helping her get back in front of the camera. "When the makeup artist brushed an eyebrow on me, I almost stood up and kissed her this morning," Hannah says. "It is a hard road for burn victims. I was by far the most fortunate person in my burn unit."

Hannah took the opportunity to advise grill users not to re-light a fire without allowing plenty of time for the heavy propane gas to clear from a previous lighting.
Photo/Video credit: ABC News