Harry Styles visits Cindy Crawford's kids Kaia and Presley Gerber

kaia-gerber-presley-harry-styles.jpgIt looks like Presley and Kaia Gerber can be counted among the legion of One Direction fans out there. Band member Harry Styles recently visited model Cindy Crawford's house and took some pics with her kids.

Presley writes on Instagram, " I was chilling at my house after I got my tonsils taken out and my sister had a friend over to hang. This guy knows how I feel."

Nothing like your sister having Harry Styles "over to hang," right?

It sounds like budding model Kaia is also a Taylor Swift fan, as mom Cindy recently tweeted, "So great 2 see u & take our kids 2 such a gr8 concert!RT @kathyireland @CindyCrawford & Kaia @TaylorSwift Great 2C them. Beautiful & Sweet!."

We so love the idea of Cindy Crawford and Kathy Ireland just takin' their kids to a Taylor Swift concert, like tons of other moms do.

We would imagine that a lot of the time, it's pretty great to be the kid of someone famous.
Photo/Video credit: Instagram