Harry Styles went as twerking VMAs Miley Cyrus for Halloween: Pic


Add yet another famous face to the long list of celebrities who dressed as Miley Cyrus from her 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance. In addition to Paris Hilton, Crystal Harris and Jenny McCarthy, One Direction's Harry Styles dressed in the most infamous outfit of 2013.

Hair stylist Lou Teasdale posted a picture of Styles as Cyrus to his Instagram account. Styles completes the look with tight buns, nude-orange tight shorts and a foam finger. Styles and Teasdale are friends as the industry, as proven by her other photos of him she's posted.

Celebrities dressing as other celebrities for Halloween was a popular trend in 2013. Cyrus also pulled from the VMAs catalogue of costumes, dressing up as Lil' Kim circa 1999. What was your favorite celebrity Halloween costume?

Photo/Video credit: Instagram