'Hasselhoffs' preview: David makes for an awesome adult, pretty creepy baby

hasselhoffs preview.jpg
A&E's appropriately-titled Hasselhoff docu-series, "The Hasselhoffs," kicks off Dec 5. And instead of showcasing the anticipated Osbournes-style antics we're expecting from the series, the first promo has a hairy-chested baby David Hasselhoff running down the beach.

Yes, it's one of the more original "Baywatch" parodies you're likely to ever find -- but the sight of curly hairs super-glued to a cherubic toddler's torso is sort of... revolting.

Equally disconcerting are the blurred lines from when the running baby is real and when he's CGI. (At least part of this is fake, right? Our naive eyes have a difficult time discerning most altered images and breast implants.)

Then again, this is sort of the appeal of the family Hoff, repellent but ultimately entertaining.

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Photo credit: A&E