'Haven' recap: 'Countdown' to Jordan's death and big revelations

Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet, "Haven" fans? After all, before "Countdown" ends, Jordan dies, Nathan learns the truth about Audrey and Wade Crocker goes all psycho-killer.

It's kind of a big deal. Get the details in this recap.

Audrey is Lexie and Lexie is Audrey -- that's not confusing at all

As we learned right at the end of the last episode, Lexie is actually Audrey, just with a new hairstyle. There's actually a little more than that -- Audrey remembers her Lexie persona and can switch it on whenever she wants -- but that's the gist of it.

This probably has something to do with the barn destruction and going through the door.

Whatever the case, Audrey/Lexie really doesn't want Nathan to find out any of this. She is justifiably concerned about the man's death wish, not to mention what the Guard would say or do. Duke doesn't want to keep the secret, but he does agree.

Not that it stays kept for long.

You thought Duke's catch was perceptive? Nathan's is even better -- Audrey/Lexie calls a dead cop by his nickname, tipping off Nathan that not all is as it seems. After a rather glorious reunion of the kind you only get when a lost love returns from the dead, the couple works out (for now) differences of opinion on whether or not to kill Nathan.

Audrey is against it. She thinks there has to be some other way, and this is now her decision -- Nathan already got his chance when he shot Agent Howard.

The Trouble with texting   

You know all of those PSAs that tell us we're not supposed to text and drive because we'll end up dead? It kind of seems like someone at "Haven" took those way too seriously. As a result, this week's Trouble is all-digital.

Not that only cell phones and text messages are to blame. Instead, the doomed person just starts seeing a strange countdown on every digital screen. No one else (other than Lexie, of course) sees this. That's probably a good thing -- when the countdown gets to zero, the victim freezes into instant rigor mortis.

While the Trouble initially looks to be related to a new Trouble-free school project, it soon becomes apparent that there's another source. It seems that an electronics store was robbed, and the owner was forced to hold still while the bad guys got away. Because the police were so busy solving multiple murders, this guy gets more and more anxious with everyone around him.

When he gets mad at people, they get a countdown to death.

Fortunately, Lexie/Audrey is back in full-swing now and figures out that the Troubled man would get better (for now) if he asks his dream girl out on a date. Dream girl says yes, and the Trouble vanishes (before it can kill Nathan). Even getting shot (more on that in a moment) doesn't bring back the problems.

Anger brings bad choices: The Jordan McKee story

Jordan is absolutely convinced now that the best way to end the Troubles is for a Crocker to kill Lexie. Since this also kills off the woman for whom Nathan dumped Jordan, this is a veritable two-birds-one-stone situation!

But this is a bad, bad idea for Jordan to pursue. Vince even tries to stop her, only to get zapped by Jordan's Trouble and then tied up in a barn. The woman is on a mission, and nothing is going to stop her.

Obviously, Duke isn't going to be down with this plan, so Jordan goes another route: Wade Crocker. The recently divorce man is emotionally vulnerable and totally wants to do it with Jordan, deadly-zap Trouble or not. He doesn't get that, but maybe Wade gets something better.

Wade gets his Trouble. And he likes it!

The method by which Wade picks up this little Trouble is violent in itself -- he stabs the Troubled storekeeper in the stomach. This is followed by the rush, which apparently is a whole lot like heroin.

Also like heroin, one hit is never enough. When Jordan refuses to tell him about ending the Troubles, Wade turns his knife in her direction. A quick cut is followed by another stab to the gut. As Jordan bleeds out, Wade and his silver eyes calmly contemplate their future **as the Ice Truck Killer.

Important plot points and things marginally happier than death

  • Did you notice the girl from "Sketchy"? She found a job with no drawing. This is good.

  • Jordan told Vince she was leaving town. No one is even going to know she's dead.

  • While we still don't know what Vince's Trouble is, we do get a bit of his history in "Countdown." He was married once, and it all went to hell when the poor man tried to use a Crocker for Trouble-stopping back in the Lucy era. He activated Wade Crocker's Trouble with his own blood, and then had the guy kill Vince's father-in-law so that his wife wouldn't inherit a painful family legacy. We all know how well that turned out for Simon Crocker. Vince's wife left him too.

  • Considering how quickly Wade went bad with his first taste of blood, we really need to applaud Duke's impressive self control with his own Trouble.

  • Related thought: If Duke kills Wade, does his own Trouble go away?
  • The whole issue of Nathan and Duke both loving Audrey hasn't gone anywhere. Problems are a-coming!

  • Thanks to Jordan keeping silent with Vince about Lexie being Audrey, Nathan is -- for the moment -- safe from the Guard. Thanks to Jordan keeping silent about the kill-Audrey-end-Troubles theory to Wade, Audrey is safe too.

"Haven" airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

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