Heidi Klum's latest nude selfie - splitternackt!

heidi-klum-nude-splitternackt.jpgWe suppose if we looked like Heidi Klum, we'd want nothing more than to just be naked all the time. We aren't sure every time we got nude we'd post the photo to Instagram, but hey -- to each her own.

Klum has posted a new nude selfie (above), with the caption, " Photo blast from the past: Splitternackt!," the latter part of which basically means "completely naked" in German.

The photo in question is from a 2009 photo shoot with Russell James. It's the latest in a long line of Klum's nude shots, including a topless shot where she is hugging a palm tree and one where she's flashing her bum.

We like to think Klum's on a one-woman mission to stop the Puritanical views about nudity that are so pervasive in this country.
Photo/Video credit: Instagram