'Homeland' Season 3 premiere leaks online, gets more than 100,000 downloads


It's no secret that some members of the press have already seen the first two episodes of "Homeland" Season 3. Unfinished versions of the episodes were sent out to press attending Showtime's TCA Summer Tour to prepare them for discussions about the upcoming season. But over Labor Day weekend, a whole lot more people than just those select media had a chance to see the premiere episode.

A working version of "Tin Man Is Down," released without opening credits and some special effects sequences, made its way online early. It's unclear if this is one of the versions that Showtime sent out to members of the press. The network isn't commenting.

A lot of people saw the leaked episode. TorrentFreak, the blog that discusses BitTorrent news, reported on Sept. 2 that the premiere was downloaded more than 100,000 times. As more than a day has passed and word of the leaked episode has spread, that number is now likely significantly larger.

The interest in "Homeland" Season 3 is no surprise. The series was one of the most pirated shows of 2012. Hopefully this leak only fuels interest in the series, as "Homeland" returns to Showtime on Sept. 29.

Photo/Video credit: Showtime