Hotmail replaced: Microsoft shifts to Outlook as webmail service


It's time to say goodbye to Hotmail. Microsoft has decided to replace its longtime webmail service with, a change that was announced in July.

Don't fret too much, though. Hotmail users will still keep their e-mails, and all of their existing content and contacts will be switched over to the new service. They'll just have to become acclimated to the new Outlook interface and features, which can be seen above.

This switch won't go into effect immediately. Though Hotmail has been replaced, Microsoft doesn't expect for them all to be updated until the summer. Hotmail has been around since it was debuted by MSN in 1997.

Microsoft has been making a big push for with its recent "Scroogled" ad campaign. If you've missed the commercials thus far, you can check one out below:

Photo/Video credit: Microsoft