'House' recap: Sickle Selfless

hugh-laurie-house-s7-320.jpgOn "House," a teenage girl who is impossibly devoted her brother and determined to live the life he can't due to his congenital muscular dystrophy collapses and is sent to PPTH. Unfortunately for her, she's under the care of the newly-tamed House, who is unable to stand up to Cuddy now that they're dating and thus won't perform any risky tests to diagnose his new patient.

She goes from bad to worse, her kidneys failing and lungs bleeding. She refuses to let her doctors give her a marrow transplant from her brother because she thinks he has enough problems, and that mentality ultimately puts her at death's door, as she didn't tell her doctors or anyone about the cold-like symptoms she's been experiencing for the past year because she didn't think it was right to complain about not feeling well when her brother had it so much worse.

With this new information, House is able to diagnose her with sickle cell trait, but it's too late to save her life with anything except a partial lung donation from her brother -- which would then cut his life short. Cuddy orders House not to tell the parents about this option, but he does anyway, leaving them to make what is basically an impossible decision.

Of course, they can't, which annoys House so much that he tells them off and then gets in a big fight with Cuddy about it, which the patient's brother overhears. He agrees to donate part of his lung to his sister and then convinces her to accept it, thus making the decision for everyone and showing House and Cuddy that their new relationship will only work if they're as honest with each other about it as they are with the Cottages, Wilson, and the HR guy.

Photo credit: FOX