'How I Met Your Mother': Clint and Ted's mom marry

how-i-met-your-mother-home-wreckers.jpgTed promised us on " How I Met Your Mother" that he'd be making a huge crazy decision that would change the course of his life forever. I think we can all agree that it was an important decision, and certainly a crazy one, but we have yet to see how it changed the course of his life forever.

It all started out much more simply than that. There was to be no crazy decision on Ted's part; he was simply required to go to his mother's wedding, where she would be getting hitched to the inimitable Clint.

Here's the thing about that. I think many of us out there have had to deal with either one or both of our parents getting married again. Most of us can thank our lucky stars that the person our parent has married isn't Clint. Oh, don't get me wrong, Clint is a great guy as a friend. He can probably tell you all the best ways to do truly outlandish and sometimes illegal things. What Clint is not is the guy you want for your stepfather, and he is most certainly not the guy you want sleeping with your mother. OK, yes, you probably don't like talking about your mother in that way at all, with anyone, but Clint would not only have the conversation with you, he'd be imparting first-hand knowledge of what went down. No one needs that.

You really can't blame Ted for disappearing for 72 hours, can you? On top of the aforementioned stuff, had you seen such a picture as the one Clint painted -- without the guitar -- what would you have done? I think any sensible answer to that question almost certainly involves copious amounts of liquor and an extended disappearance. It also makes perfect sense that Ted, in a distraught state, would make a pretty horrific decision. Depending on the cost of the place, I think we may have to give him a pass on buying that horrifically rundown house.

I don't know about you, but the minute we saw the house, to me it seemed pretty clear that he was never going to sell the place, no matter what the inspector said or how many floors the inspector fell through. I thought the moment with Marshall at the end of the episode was unquestionably sweet, but you should have known that you were going to get that final scene in which the dilapidated house turned into the one where Future Ted lives. Nice moment, but a little telegraphed.

You know what I didn't pick up on instantly? That it was Barney who cried. I was actually really worried that the show had gone completely off the rails with Barney repeatedly bringing up Robin's crying at the wedding. It wasn't all that funny, but Barney kept saying it over, and over, and over again. I couldn't work it out. Thank goodness it turned out Barney had cried not Robin ... it would have made me sad that I wasn't there to comfort her if Robin had actually been crying (and it made the show funnier too).

Odds and ends:

  • I might have chosen the KFC Double Down ad as the funniest moment of the night (it is every time I see it), but that doesn't seem right. So, instead, how about we give it to Clint, "But you have your own sexual memories with your mom, don't you? Exiting her womb, receiving her milk. You get me, don't you." I'll say it again: He's not the guy you want as a stepfather.
  • I love the inspector with college Marshall too -- hips and mouth filter, good stuff.
  • Drunk or kid? That sounds like a great game. I wonder what happens when the answer is "both," what sort of crazy stunt does that lead to?
  • The hobo. I think they should have left that as a single reference. Marshall shouldn't have restated it.

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