Hugh Dillon jumps from 'Flashpoint' pan into 'The Killing' fire

If he hadn't wanted to make a "Killing," Hugh Dillon might have not jumped back into series work so soon.

Not long after he wrapped a five-year run on the Canadian-made police drama "Flashpoint," the actor-musician is staying on the side of justice -- albeit in a much edgier way -- as Francis Becker, a death-row prison guard matching wits with Ray Seward ( Peter Sarsgaard), an ex-cop inmate who killed his own wife, in Season 3 of AMC's dark Sunday drama "The Killing."

"I identify with certain characters, scenes and dialogue," Dillon tells Zap2it, "and I guess the lightning in a bottle is finding chemistry with other actors. I had that with Enrico Colantoni on 'Flashpoint,' and that makes it exciting to continue to go to work. It's funny working in that one location (the prison set), but it comes back down to the written word."

And Dillon, a frequently intense performer and a fan of "The Killing" before he became part of its cast, maintains he's consistently as eager to see the next script as any follower of the show is. "The other thing I love is that we don't see the whole arc of the character. We see some ideas of where he's at, but everything doesn't unfold at once, and that's fascinating to me."

It's also fulfilling to Dillon in the course of filming "The Killing," since he ultimately gets to see how the traits of Becker that he's been playing tie together.

"You suddenly are aware of what you're doing," he confirms. "It's a very interesting show to be part of, because it's so elegant and intricate, yet so brutal and vicious.

"With the writers on the set, you can take a shot at something, but they can correct the smallest little thing because it is so important two scripts down the road. It's very exciting."
Photo/Video credit: AMC