Hulk Hogan sex tape: Bubba the Love Sponge talked about Hulk having sex with his wife for two years before it happened

hulk-hogan-sex-tape-getty.jpg Hulk Hogan stopped by Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday (Oct. 9) to talk about the recent sex tape scandal. It was a no holds barred (ahem) interview. Highlights include:

  • Hulk compares it to doing laundry -- you're with someone you're used to doing laundry with and they leave, so you do laundry at someone else's house.
  • Hulk says he's still friends with Bubba the Love Sponge, the man whose wife Hulk is having sex with in the video.
  • Hulk also says he did not know he was being filmed and he can't say who he thinks filmed it. "Could have been anyone."
  • Hulk says he's embarrassed and that the tape is over six years old.
  • Hulk says his wife at the time, Linda, had been verbally and mentally abusive to him, and he went to Bubba's house and just "decided to go with it." He adds that Bubba was cool with it and was on the same page as his wife, Heather.
  • Hulk thinks everyone involved should take a lie detector test, so they can try to find out who taped the sex session without his knowledge, which is illegal.
  • Hulk says he thinks the bro code between him and Bubba might have been broken, but that they're still great friends. He also says he and Bubba talked about Hulk having sex with Bubba's wife for two years before it actually happened.
  • At the very end, Howard and Hulk want to make it clear Bubba was not in the room when Hulk had sex with Bubba's wife.

Later on Tuesday, Hulk Hogan stopped by "Today" to talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda. He tells the hosts, "It's just something that has devastated me and totally ... I've never been on something on this level," 

He adds that he had no idea it was being filmed, but he's "not making excuses."

"I'm accountable, I was the guy, I was there, I made the choice," says Hulk.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images