Human Barbie fake? Valeria Lukyanova might not be what she seems

The "Human Barbie," Valeria Lukyanova, has often seemed too perfect to be real, but is she? A new video of Lukyanova shows the 21-year-old Ukrainian model looking markedly different and more like a normal woman than she does in the images she has posted to the web. posted the video, which shows Lukyanova explaining that neck problems are the reason why her head is always tilted to the side. But the person who posted the video on the website claims that this is proof that Lukyanova is a "fraud."

"This girl is a FRAUD. She had been badly photoshopping her photos since the beginning of her time online," the writer claims. "Her videos aren't photoshopped. Does she still look the same? There is a ton more of videos out there and as you can see from them, she looks nothing like she does when she photoshops her photos."

In the past, Lukyanova has denied both Photoshopping herself or receiving plastic surgery to maintain her figure. She claims she uses make-up to complete her transformation, but is that all? Lukyanova definitely doesn't look as all natural as she claims, but who's to say. The model defended her looks during an interview she did while shooting a photo spread for V Magazine and claims her critics are just jealous of her.

"Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves," Lukyanova said. "It's hard work, but they dismiss it as something done by surgeons or computer artists. This is how they justify not wanting to strive for self-improvement."

Photo/Video credit: Valeria Lukyanova