'I Love Lucy' in color: CBS releases first look clip, pic from redone 'Christmas Episode'


After announcing back in October that it would rerelease "The Christmas Episode" of "I Love Lucy" in color, CBS has now shared a first look at the newly colorful episode.

Above is what the episode looks like in color, while below is the original footage. A clip of the redone episode can be watched at Yahoo TV. It's pretty remarkable the way the color makes the episode feel like it's from a new show, and (as expected) the colorization is getting a mixed response from fans.


The episode first aired as a special in December 1956. Also being colorized is "Lucy's Italian Move," and they'll be edited together with just one set of opening and end credits. The new "I Love Lucy" special will air on Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. ET. 

What do you think of the redone episode? Do you think the color adds or detracts from "I Love Lucy"?

Photo/Video credit: CBS