Iceland porn ban: It's for the children


Iceland is doing its best to implement an online porn ban, and the country's government believes it has a good reason. Representatives for Iceland's minister claim that the ban is actually an attempt to protect the country's children, and not limit free speech.

"We are a progressive, liberal society when it comes to nudity, to sexual relations, so our approach is not anti-sex but anti-violence. This is about children and gender equality, not about limiting free speech," adviser to the interior minister Halla Gunnarsdóttir tells The Guardian.

Gunnarsdóttir adds to The Daily Mail, "There is a strong consensus building in Iceland. We have so many experts, from educationalists to the police and those who work with children behind this, that this has become much broader than party politics."

In yet another interview with the Associated Press, Gunnarsdóttir says, "When a 12 year old types 'porn' into Google, he or she is not going to find photos of naked women out on a country field, but very hardcore and brutal violence. There are laws in our society. Why should they not apply to the Internet?"

If Iceland's porn ban succeeds, it will be the first Western democracy to try and block pornography online. The country already has laws banning both printing and distributing porn, and also has banned strip clubs. The argument there is that the clubs violate their female employees rights. As for the porn, this online band will censor "violent" and "hateful" pornography. Not everyone in the country is for the idea, as Parliament member Birgitta Jonsdottir sets the odds of it passing at "near zero."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images