Instant kharma's gonna get 'Lost'

Johnhawkes We've got our first bit of "Lost" casting news for Season 6, people. Normally, I shy away from publishing these, since they tend to give away things ahead of time. But not in this case. And while I'm not as familiar with the actor's body of work, I'm pretty intrigued by his character description.

Let me direct you to my main man Rick Porter's reporting, which is non-spoilery but highly suggestive:

"Lost" will be adding a little "Deadwood" to its cast for season six.

John Hawkes, who played Sol Star on "Deadwood" and co-stars in HBO's "Eastbound and Down," will have a recurring role on the ABC show's final season. He'll be playing a character named Lennon, The Hollywood Reporter says.

Here's the interesting part, though: Lennon is described as a "scruffy, edgy and charismatic spokesperson and translator for the president of a foreign corporation." The character also wields more influence than it would seem based on his job.

First up, let's be clear that "Lennon" isn't necessarily the character's name. Moreover, the descriptions are leading at best, downright sneaky at worst. For example, here's the description for The Man in Black when initially cast: "Samuel. Any ethnicity, 40s-60s. A corporate raider looking to take over his next company. Powerful, devious and obtuse. He has a cunning intellect and a strong sense of danger. May lead to recurring. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role..." If you read "corporate raider" and thought "here's a man that will take over John Locke's body and pretend to be him in order to further his vendetta against Jacob," then I would LOVE to talk to you about my stock portfolio. You, my friend, have vision.

So, when the casting description lists a "Lennon" who is a "spokesperson" and "translator" for the "president" of a "foreign corporation," you "tend" to put "quotation marks" around everything when "talking about it." The name "Lennon" seems to be an homage to the legendary musician John Lennon, himself scruffy and charismatic. And maybe we could scour Beatles' song titles for clues. Is this particular Lennon a nowhere man? A day tripper? The walrus (goo goo ga joob)?

But I'm more curious about the job description. What could it mean? A few possibilities:

  1. He's a high-ranking official in The Widmore Corporation, Heavy Paik Industries, or The Hanso Foundation. His scruffy exterior belies a devilish interior. He uses deception to gain the upper hand.
  2. He, like Hurley and Miles, can communicate with dead people. Or, in his case, a very particular person.
  3. He is, in fact, inhabited by the spirit of a former "president" or high-ranking official. But not necessarily of a business. This "official" might be topographical in nature. Hint. Hint.
  4. My wife's take? "Richard Alpert, 1.0." In other words, there was a Richard before he arrived and usurped his predecessor's position. And like Richard, he sure looks good for a very old person. We're due to get some Alpert backstory come Season 6; will "Lennon" be our gateway into that?
  5. My long shot take? Think The Mouth of Sauron, an emissary that gives tongue to the will of faceless evil. Whether that's The Man in Black, the Monster, the Statue, or just the literal face of evil on the Island in Season 6, it's unclear.

But those are just my initial takes on this interesting news. What do you make of it, "Lost" fans? Leave your thoughts below!