It's National Grilled Cheese Day: Stop the world and melt some too

Thanks to Twitter, it has come to the public's attention that Thursday (April 12) is National Grilled Cheese Day. Which means, obviously, that everyone should make an effort to eat a gooey grilled cheese sandwich before the clock strikes midnight. Or, like, possibly more than one to show maximum devotion.

Zap2it's asking you to tell us your favorite combo when it comes to the sandwich. From white bread and American cheese to Brie and capers on a baquette, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Share yours below in the comments section.

More stuff to know: As Gawker noted, the importance of National Grilled Cheese Day should not be underestimated. Twitter's "Disover" section -- a page of hand-picked featured items -- accused Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman's face appears alongside an ABC News story about the holiday.

We also found these important grilled cheese images to share in honor of the day:

A zebra rooster contemplates a grilled cheese...

Grilled mac & cheese...

grilled-mac.jpgWhy use bread when waffles exist?

grilled-friedchicken-waffle-grilled-cheese-2.jpgFinally, some random Instagrammer who made the huge mistake of including broccoli in his otherwise perfect holiday meal:


Photo/Video credit: Gawker/Instagram/Getty Images