James Franco on 'General Hospital': Mom and daughter agree, he 'looked damn good.'

jamesfranco_generalhospital_2.jpgEver since a month-long trip to Germany when I was 12 where the only English-speaking TV station played six-month old episodes of "General Hospital" daily, I've been a fan.

Upon my return to the States, I continued to watch on school breaks and sick days until my mother figured it would be a good parenting move to check out the "trash" I was viewing.

From that point on, every day after school we threw a bag of popcorn into the microwave and watched together throughout high school and all my college summer vacations.

While being a grown-up for me has meant that I can no longer watch "GH" regularly, Mom has kept up. I check in every now and then and when I see Nancy Lee Grahh (Alexis) at Starbucks or Natalia Livingston (Emily/Rebecca) at the craft store, I'm sure to mention it.

So, James Franco's first appearance on Friday (Nov. 20) seemed like a good time for a call home to catch up.

And what did my mother who admittedly "doesn't keep up with actors" think of the reclusive artist also-named "Franco"?

"He looked damn good if that's what you want from a [age removed at parental unit's inheritance-withholding request]-year-old woman," Mom says.

Sure. I'll take that.

When pushed as to whether she thinks Franco's decidedly method acting style is a good fit for the different rhythms of a soap opera, Mom says she hasn't seen enough to know.

Which is true. Most of the first day was spent with Franco skulking around posing as a homeless man, graffiti-tagging walls, rearranging dead bodies, playing cat-and-mouse with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and having quite the tonsil hockey session with new cast member Marsha Thomason.

Actually, that sounds like a lot, but it really wasn't.

But Mom is clear on one thing.

"I think he's beautiful and I can't understand why he's out to get Jason."

Got it. And really anything else is just frosting on that cupcake.

What did you think of James Franco's first day?

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