James Franco teases possible TV show, reveals he's a robot on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

james-franco-tv-show-actors-anonymous-jimmy-kimmel-live-abc.jpgThe always entertaining, if slightly bizarre, James Franco appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday (Oct. 21), wherein he joked about his jack-of-all-trades life, teased a new project in the medium with which he rose to fame, and left everyone confused over his new novel.

During a discussion with host Jimmy Kimmel on the process with which he turns his screenwriting students' scripts into actual works of film, Franco revealed that he's possibly got a new TV show in the works. After Kimmel remarked how cool it was that the students were able to have their scripts brought to life, Franco teased, "We might even put it on TV. I have my own show coming up."

"Oh you do?" Kimmel replied. "I didn't know this. Just what you need - more work."

Laughing, Franco demurred, "It's, like, my little artsy stuff."

After Kimmel said, "I just read that you're gonna be on Broadway...Are there many many James Francos, like Santa Claus? Do you have helpers that work with you?" Franco jokingly shined a light onto just how he gets everything done: "No, I'm a robot."

Talk soon turned to Franco's new book, his first novel, "Actors Anonymous." Attempting to explain to Kimmel and the audience how he devised his typically odd book, the actor only made this more confusing. No joke, this is entire answer: "The structure's based on a recovery book, like Alcoholics Anonymous. Not because I think acting is an addiction. It's more looking at, um ... a recovery program, once you get over addiction is sort of like looking at your life to see what led to the addiction. So it's looking at acting, specifically it's acting, and I'm an actor in Hollywood, and looking at all the specifics of that, but looking to be able to kind of extrapolate from that and say, 'Well, when I say acting, it's more like life in the sense that when you're an actor, you're just interacting with other actors in an imaginary circumstance. Well, it's not that big of a leap to say, Well, life is just interacting with other people in the world. So it's looking at acting as a kind of way of looking at life."

"I have no idea what you're saying right now," Kimmel replied, to huge laughter from the audience. It's safe to say he wasn't the only one.

Does the idea of a James Franco TV show excite you, or is he too weird for his own good?
Photo/Video credit: ABC