James Gandolfini: 'Enough Said' costar Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks final role


James Gandolfini's final starring role will soon be out in theaters. "Enough Said" made its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier in September, and will arrive in theaters on Sept. 18.

Considering Gandolfini is an actor known best for playing a mob boss, there's a kind of poetic irony that the last role of his career is a romantic comedy. Gandolfini stars opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Catherine Keener in the film, which is about a love triangle between divorcees. In a new interview, Louis-Dreyfus opens up about working with "The Sopranos" star.

"I think he has a thoughtfulness, a kindness, and a powerfulness that is irresistible," she tells The Huffington Post about what makes him a perfect fit for the movie.

Apparently Gandolfini didn't quite believe he was the right person for the role of Albert when he started with the movie. "He was nervous! But as the process began to unfold, he loosened up more and more," Louis-Dreyfus recalls. "He was a little bit nervous maybe not only about the comedy part, but I think he was really questioning whether or not he was the right guy for this part. He'd make a lot of jokes at [director] Nicole [Holofcener], saying, 'If you want to call George Clooney, that's fine.' But of course, he was perfect for the part. So the fact that he was questioning it made him that much more perfect for the part."

Do you plan to see Gandolfini's final performance?

Photo/Video credit: Fox Searchlight