James Gandolfini: The unfinished TV work he left behind

Thumbnail image for james-gandolfini-gi.jpgWith his untimely passing at the age of 51 on Wednesday (June 19), James Gandolfini not only leaves behind a family and a remarkable body of work, but also a handful of unfinished TV projects.

Both as an actor and a producer under his Attaboy Prod. shingle, Gandolfini had quite a bit in various stages of development at the time of his death. Out of respect, and because of the time needed to consider such things, there is no word yet on how the "Sopranos" actor's death will affect any of the projects, but here's a look at just what is in limbo with Gandolfini's tragic passing:

- "Bone Wars": An HBO Films production meant to reunite Gandolfini and his "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" co-star Steve Carell, with both men starring as Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh, famous paleontologists who became rivals after the Civil War. The film was in its very early days, with no script even written yet. HBO has yet to comment publicly on its fate.

- "Criminal Justice": Another project at HBO, this time a limited-run series ordered by the network in May after an initial pass on the pilot, Gandolfini was set to star in the adaptation of the BBC series as a NYC attorney defending an accused murderer of Pakistani descent. HBO tells the Huffington Post that "it's too early to discuss," while Deadline speculates that Gandolfini's role could be recast, as he only appears in the last minute of the final scene in the already-shot pilot.

- "Eating With the Enemy": Gandolfini was attached to produce and star in this HBO Film, adapted from the Robert Egan/Kurt Pitzer book "Eating With the Enemy: How I Waged Peace With North Korea From MY BBQ Shack in Hackensack."Gandolfini would have played Bobby Egan, a N.J. restaurant owner who became involved in back channel negotiations with North Korea in the 1990s. The film was in the process of looking for a director.

- "Big Dead Place": Another HBO project, another book adaptation. This drama, adapted from Nicholas Johnson's memoir revolving the mental effects experienced from his time working for the U.S. Antarctic Program, was to be co-executive produced by Gandolfini. He was also being considered for the lead role.

- "Taxi-22": Gandolfini was attached to executive produce this adaptation of a French Canadian comedy series of the same name, which would chronicle the exploits of a politically incorrect cab driver in N.Y. After developing the show at HBO for the past three years, CBS gave the series a script commitment just two weeks prior to Gandolfini's passing. Executive producer Clark Peterson tells Deadline it won't be the same without the late actor. "I can confirm that the development of Taxi-22 will continue, but we'll always be flying in the missing-man formation."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images