James Van Der Beek, Michael Cudlitz, Josh Malina: TV Tweets of the past 24 hours

james-van-der-beek-mercy-320.jpgThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the past 24 hours...

(Note: Every now and then, something sorta newsworthy might slip in here too... not often though)

"Mercy" star James Van Der Beek has a "The Rules of Attraction" flashback: @vanderjames: @iansomerhalder, you look so good in GQ I could kiss you. But been there, done that ; )
"Southland" star Michael Cudlitz celebrates his show's renewal: @Cudlitz: #Southland has been picked up for a third season............... YUP !!!

@Cudlitz: #SouthLAnd.
TV's Josh Malina has an 'aha' moment: @JoshMalina: I just realized the Colin Firth character in A SINGLE MAN was supposed to be gay. Now I get it.
Eliza Coupe ("Scrubs") wonders what many others have questioned before her: @Eliza_Coupe: When'd we all decide 2 care about the Kardashians? Its their asses right? We love them 4 the part of their bodies they crap out of? Got it.
We want to hang out with the "Castle" crew: @tamalajones: This is @NathanFillion on set .. This is what you guys miss.. This is one of my many lol experiences @ work  http://tweetphoto.com/20044107

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Photo credit: NBC